stHrt is the best Internet start page for organizing cool websites you visit often. You can also connect your homepage with friends, share sites, message friends and more so change home pages today.

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Jeromy Kendel's Electronics And Electrical Homepage

cool sites

Jeromy Kendel's Electronics And Electrical Homepage

cool websites

stHrt is also packed with lots of other cool features. For example, members can have multiple homepages for home and work, setup a widgets page for news, weather, and games, add a link to a browser for adding new sites to homepages while surfing the Internet, send messages, and invite friends with our easy contact and social networking importers. Other features include the ability to rank websites, browse websites to be added automatically to start pages, and setup preferences for how you like the websites to be launched when they are clicked. There is even a new way to browse, called “layer browsing,” that allows users to visit sites without leaving the homepage. Share your PC with the family, don't worry, we have that covered too with our Change User feature. Finally, stHrt has a progress meter that allows visitors to explore all the cool features at the users own pace.